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Seduction15 - CERVIN Seamed Nylon Stockings

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Seduction as a second skin, these real Nylons with red seam are authentic 3 thread Edwardian seam stockings which take you back to the atmosphere of the 1940’s and 50’s. Put on CERVIN Seduction Couture nylon stockings with pyramidal shaped heel and be part of a luxury world with a trendy look.

Authentic 3 thread Edwardian seam stockings, traditional craft finish manufactured, flat seam with  hand sewn back seam, knitted in shape to curve perfectly the leg, evenness of the stitch for an equal transparency along the leg and an incredible slimming effect, pointed heel with decreasing open stitches, reciprocated reinforced heel and toe RHT. Those stockings are integrally and exclusively made in France and carefully hand wrapped in an insert envelope then in a protective plastic pocket. The CERVIN authenticity certificate is provided.

Material: 100 % Polyamid (Nylon)

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NY- Fully Fashiond Nylon Stockings

NY- Fully Fashiond Nylon Stockings

23,90 EUR