Payment methods

With cash in advance you transfer to us the amount as it is shown on the order confirmation. On the order confirmation, you will find all the information needed for payment such as our bank account, order and customer number.

The 3% discount is automatically deducted from the invoice amount. This is the 4th. and final step of the ordering process.

KEMO-Cyberfashion secures your payment data with SSL encryption. You can easily check if the connection between your computer and the web shop is certain: If the connection is secure, a padlock in the bottom right corner of the browser window (Internet Explorer and Firefox), Rech next to the address bar (Chrome) or on the right appears top of the browser window (Safari).


By KEMO-Cyberfashion accepted credit cards are VISA, Verified by VISA, Mastercard, Mastercard SecureCode and American Express. When ordering, please enter your credit card information. These are recorded by our payment processor Heidelberger Payment GmbH and stored for the payment process. KEMO-Cyberfashion does not store your credit card details basically.

The online payment with Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard or EuroCard is as safe as the regular pay in a store. All transactions are performed immediately. That means: If you pay by credit card, the full invoice amount will be charged with completing your order regardless of stock availability at the time of your order.

With online credit card payment, you must provide your credit species number, expiration date and the three digit security code, enter the check digit. Your security code provides additional security for online payment and usually consists of the last three digits of the number on the back of the credit card. The security code may, depending on the credit card companies are in different places, but it is usually printed on the signature panel . 

KEMO-Cyberfashion secures your payment data with SSL encryption. You can easily check if the connection between your computer and the web shop is certain: If the connection is secure, a padlock in the bottom right corner of the browser window (Internet Explorer and Firefox), next to the address bar ( Chrome) or on the right top of the browser window (Safari).

3-D Secure is a standard that provides additional security for online payment. The 3-D Secure standard was developed by Visa International and partners and is now also used by MasterCard. 3-D Secure is also known as Verified by Visa (Visa) and MasterCard SecureCode (MasterCard) . Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode security standards, developed in a collaboration between the companies Visa and MasterCard. This means that payment by credit card will be exactly the same, regardless of whether you pay with Visa or Mastercard.

The additional security consists of two elements :

Your Verified by Visa or SecureCode code that you have created: This code ensures that only you can pay with your credit card, similar to the PIN in a shop. Keep the code secret. The risk of credit card abuse is almost impossible if you use the code.

Your private data that you enter when you create your code: you will get your private data displayed before you enter the code with an order

Before you can pay for KEMO-Cyberfashion with Visa or Mastercard, you must first register for the 3-D Secure Code. If you wish to make purchases with different credit cards, you must create a separate security for any credit card.

As a special service for our foreign customers KEMO-Cyberfashion also offers the payment option with the Maestro card. In Italy, Greece, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia many but not all cards are enabled for Ecommerce. Contact your Maestro card issuing bank to learn more about the possibilities of paying online with Maestro.

Important notice: To be able to actually use Maestro® for online commerce, you will need a secure means of authentication, provided by your bank, and based on the «SecureCode/3-D Secure®» technology (same as for all MasterCard and Visa cards). The means of authentication can be a card reader, a password, etc. If you cannot authenticate yourself during the processing of the Maestro transaction, the transaction will be refused. For more information on the authentication possibilities or on the activation of your card to pay online with Maestro, please contact your bank.

If you are a regular customer of PayPal, you can of course use this payment option. PayPal is a service that makes Internet payments easy and secure. If you don't have a PayPal account or if you want to know more about PayPal please visit the PayPal website.

Since payments with PayPal immediately arrive at KEMO-Cyberfashion, we can send the goods quickly or start productions.

PayPal enjoys great confidence among buyers and sellers. One in three online buyers in Germany already has a PayPal account and worldwide there are over 175 million accounts in 190 countries.

Payment using iDEAL

Customers who have a bank account with a Dutch bank may pay with iDEAL.
During checkout, select „iDEAL“ as payment method and select your bank from the drop down menu. Complete the ordering process by clicking on „Buy Now“.
You'll then be re-directed to the online portal of your bank, where you can login with your online banking login details in order to complete the payment. All transaction details will be filled in already and you'll only need to confirm the payment. After the payment is completed successfully, you'll be re-directed back to KEMO and you'll receive an order confirmation by email.